App of the Week: Google Currents

Google launched its Currents magazine app in the US back in January, but they have now made it available for the rest of the world – making it our App of the Week. The app is a free download for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android and has a number of titles available for easy magazine-style reading – with both TechFruit and our sister site The Blue Walrus available on the service.

With every newspaper and magazine under the sun offering some kind of app with varying degrees of quality, Google Currents offers an easy way for publishers large and small to get their content available in a dedicated mobile form that is available for reading offline with very little in the way of setup. This will hopefully raise the bar in terms of magazine apps available, as dedicated apps will need to be better than this to be worthwhile – about time we had some progress.

Available on: iOS / Android
Cost: Free
Developer: Google

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