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Seven ways to market your online store

Marketing your online shop can sometimes be a confusing task given the number of tools at your disposal nowadays. Some online entrepreneurs get bogged down about it, worrying too much that they neglect the other parts of their business.

Promoting your brand plays a vital part in the success of your store, but it doesn’t have to be a time-sapping, resource-hogging activity. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur setting up an online clothing shop, or a seasoned seller with multiple stalls in different e-commerce platforms, here are some nifty tips to do effective marketing.

Send free samples to influencers

There are plenty of popular personalities on the Internet – influencers, as they’re termed in modern marketing – that can help you get exposure for your product. Send free samples to these then but make sure to first choose the right social influencers for your brand. If they like what you’re offering, then there’s a high chance that they’ll recommend your business to their legions of followers.

Sponsor an online event

Sponsoring an online event is a great way to attract plenty media spotlight and would-be customers to your business. If you’re new to the gig, check out how your competitors go about it. Do your research and adjust accordingly depending on the scope and limitations of the event.

Choosing which event to sponsor is naturally important. Again, do your homework first on the event and see if it’s a right fit for your online venture. Will the gains and benefits outweigh the time and resources spent for the sponsorship?

Offer a contest or giveaway

Everyone likes freebies, so contests and giveaways are trendy. Social media is a great channel for these activities, as you can easily go viral with your promotions. You don’t have to go all-out with your first few contests. In fact, it’s best to craft simple contests so you can get as many participants – possible future customers – into joining.

Publish a press release

The key to a well-received press release is quality content. Make sure that your announcement is actually newsworthy and relevant. Use company milestones such as unveiling new products or successfully setting up your online site. Don’t forget to promote your press release across all your marketing channels, i.e. social media accounts, blog or newsletters.

Experiment with AdWords

Google’s AdWords advertising network has a massive, targeted reach that can do wonders for your brand exposure. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this popular system. Get to know the ins and outs of AdWords and you’ll be able to devise a successful advertising campaign behind it.

Connect with your audience through forums

Participating in thriving online communities can pay off well in both the short term and long run. Find the right forum for your business and work your magic well within their rules and regulations. Nobody likes a spammer, especially a “business spammer” so temper your marketing efforts and time them appropriately.

Always be professional and respectful to your fellow forum members. Your forum persona is the face of your business in that community.

Make your social media presence known

The power of social media is undeniable nowadays, so learn its intricacies and harness its potential.

Create a professional caliber page for your business and populate it regularly with relevant content. Get creative, collaborate with your readers, and be helpful to them. Be timely in responding to the important questions from your followers. Another way to go about it is to make a community page to facilitate more discussions.

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