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5 Conversion rate optimization hacks for ecommerce stores

E-commerce seems like one of the most promising opportunities for entrepreneurs. Many aspiring business owners start online stores hoping to make a handsome profit. Unfortunately, the failure rate for e-commerce businesses is pretty high. The profit margin is also only around 10%.

One of the reasons that many e-commerce businesses struggle to turn a consistent, healthy profit is that they don’t make conversion rate optimization a priority. The most successful online store owners use a number of conversion rate hacks to maximize Sales.

Some of the best ways to increase e-commerce conversion rates are listed below.

Use an internal search engine to help customers find products they are looking for

There are a number of benefits of selling a large range of products through your online store. However, making your products more discoverable is very important.

One of the best ways to do this is by adding an instant search engine. You should notice a significant increase in conversion rates after adding one.

Test multiple variations of persuasive copy

Your copy is going to have a profound impact on your conversion rates. You need to craft the content in your ads and landing pages strategically to get more sales.

The trick is generally to use language that resonates with your target audience. Unless you are a B2B business selling e-commerce products to engineers, accountants or other sophisticated readers, you will want to keep your copy as simple as possible. You should use simple words that clearly communicate your selling point.

Of course, you won’t know for certain which ad copy will convert the best upfront. You have to test different variations to find out which ones your customers will respond to.

Use action-oriented terms in your call to action

Every e-commerce ad and landing page requires a strong call to action. There are a number of nuances that affect the performance of any call to action. The most important factor to keep in mind is that you need action-oriented words to entice customers to make a purchase.

You might be surprised by how much of an impact choosing action-oriented keywords can make. One case study found that action-oriented copy helped them earn 93% more conversions.

Use negative keywords, whitelists and blacklists strategically

Optimizing the content in your sales funnel is extremely important. However, you will see an even bigger performance difference by optimizing your traffic.

Whether you are using PPC, media buying or social media traffic, some of your traffic is going to convert substantially better than others. It is important to filter out the lower converting traffic to maximize the performance of your sales funnel.

Although this concept is universal across all traffic sources, it is easiest to convey in an example with PPC marketing. You might have an e-commerce sales page promoting tactical flashlights. You probably have an ad group with a keyword “tactical flashlights.” If you are using very broad targeting with Google Ads, you will notice some very irrelevant search terms. You might even see terms like “car headlights for Subaru,” which obviously have nothing to do with the product you are promoting.

In the early stages of your campaign, you should check your search terms frequently and add irrelevant phrases to your negative keyword list. You can burn through your budget quickly if you are not diligent about doing this. Once you have found a converting longtail keywords, you can start targeting them with phrase and exact match.

Get rid of extraneous Content

You will find that a simple landing page is almost always going to perform better. You can boost your conversion rates considerably by removing unnecessary elements that are distracting your visitors.

There are a number of case studies on the benefits of a less cluttered landing page. One of the most compelling was from the weather channel. They removed a lot of unnecessary when they were trying to boost their subscribers. They found the conversion rate increased by 225%.

Conversion rate optimization is crucial to any successful e-commerce business

Are you trying to get more sales from your e-commerce site? Conversion rate optimization is going to be very important. You can boost your conversions and revenue significantly by following the tips listed above.

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