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The right way to market your digital products in 2022

In 2021, the number of digital purchasers worldwide was predicted to exceed 2.14 billion people, according to Statista, presenting enormous prospects for companies and website owners. In that manner, one of the most effective methods to monetize a website or blog is to create and sell digital items.

With digital items, you won’t need to invest funds in inventory, won’t have trouble maintaining popular items in stock, and you’ll be able to set up software that automatically distributes the products to your clients by email or immediate download.

Nowadays, when we live in an instant gratification economy, where we not only like to have products provided immediately to our doorstep (or even better via our email inbox), but we also require location-independent freedom from both sides, the consumer and the business perspective.

Consumers purchase more digital goods, such as ebooks, membership sites, audiobooks, live lessons or digital courses and tutorials, songs, videos, design, photography, apps, templates, masterminds, or worksheets. There are literally thousands of digital product choices out there that you can add to your product portfolio.

And to make things easier for you, here are a few strategies you may utilize if you have a digital product and want to enhance your sales and profits.

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Social media and email marketing are crucial

One of the key reasons why social media is great for promoting your digital products is that it allows users to interact and build relationships. This creates a plethora of opportunities to engage your audience and advertise your products in a relevant manner.

Assume your target audience is primarily on Instagram. You’ll first need to learn more about how to get more followers on Instagram, and once you’ve actively participated on the platform, you’ll be able to build a community. This will allow you to meaningfully introduce your products to your followers, who you can then turn into paying customers.

But when it comes to attempting to sell items, having a mailing list is also a valuable tool. When you have a promotion or a new product you want to promote or sell, you should immediately contact your mailing list and showcase what you offer. Focusing your efforts on building your email list and keeping your subscribers engaged and interested in the emails you send is a fantastic strategy.

Try to upsell via online events

Over the last few months, online events and summits have become a highly popular and vital marketing platform. As many in-person meetings and conferences have been forced to be canceled, the most forward-thinking companies have transferred their activities on the internet.

Virtual summits last anywhere from one to ten days, with attendees able to watch expert interviews and presentations for free for a limited period. Typically, online conferences are so jam-packed with information, with many speakers speaking each day, that overburdened attendees can’t muster together enough time or focus on ingesting all of the content all at once.

The hosts then offer one or more upsells to viewers, allowing them to purchase all of the recordings at once and watch them at their leisure. You don’t have to be a specialist in the issue you’re representing to conduct an online summit on it. If you or your speakers have other digital items to present, such as online courses or ebooks, the attendees will probably be thrilled with your up-sell and decide to make a sale. The added benefit of such digital products is that it doesn’t cost you or the course’s author any additional money.

Offer discounted bundles and packs

Bundling is a marketing approach that allows customers to buy many items and/or services from a single firm. Although these bundled products and services are typically related, they can also be composed of unconnected items that appeal to a particular demographic.

Many businesses manufacture and provide a variety of goods and services. As a result, they must select whether to sell these items or services individually at individual prices or in bundles at a “bundle pricing” for a group of things.

Price bundling is becoming increasingly essential in numerous industries, including digital products. Many clients may choose the bundle over buying a single product since it appears to be a better value. This is a fantastic technique to transform a lot of $13 purchases into $83 purchases in a short amount of time. Bundling is particularly successful for websites that offer many items if you provide stock photographs, icons, vector drawings, website designs, stock audio files, or other things that purchasers demand in huge quantities.

Final thoughts

It’s possible to make a lot of money selling digital products, and it’s also a lot of fun. Of course, they won’t sell merely because they exist, just like any other product. To truly benefit from the digital product boom, you must put up the effort to sell them properly, which requires persistence, effort, and a lot of testing. While it may take some time to locate the proper offer for your digital product (the ideal combination of product message, pricing, and extras), once you do, you’ll be able to run your firm as hands-off as possible.


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