4 successful solopreneurs who inspire and endure

There’s nothing like working for yourself. Rather than do what you’re told, you set your own hours and you work where you want to work, be it at home or in an office you rent. Since you’re passionate about the product and/or service you wish to sell, you pour your heart and soul into it.

However, even the most successful solopreneurs need a little help now and again. From accountants to freelance IT professionals and even taking a shot on an experiential marketing agency that can transform your brand into something dynamic and world class, you will sometimes need to subcontract select smart professionals who will help you succeed in a competitive marketplace. That said, being a solo-entrepreneur is still all about you and you alone calling the shots.

But what are the specific traits that can make a solo-entrepreneur a business success story? According to a new article, solo-entrepreneurs set up their business ventures with the full expectation for taking full responsibility that comes with the risk. In general, all solo-entrepreneurs share these basic traits: passion for the job, management skills, ability to live with the risks, adaptation and versatility, financial management skills, quick decision making, plus innovation.

These traits are vital for transforming your solo business from something you start at your kitchen table to a multi-million dollar entity. With that in mind, here are 4 solo-entrepreneurs who have not only changed their lives by starting their solo businesses, but who also had a positive influence not only on society, but on the world as we know it today.

Ingvar Kamprad’s furniture paradise

Born in 1926, Swedish business giant, Ingvar Feodor Kamprad, who is famous for having founded the international furniture company IKEA, is said to have revealed entrepreneurial traits at an early age by selling Matchbox in his local neighborhood. He then when on to trading picture frames, stockings, nylons, and jewelry.

At just 17 years of age in 1943, he founded IKEA which would go on to become the world’s largest retailer of household items and furniture. Kamprad used his built-in sense of ingenuity to trade quality furniture at an incredible low price. This led to his stellar reputation not only in the Swedish market, but eventually all around the world.

His net worth today is said to be around $59 Billion.

Business Coach, Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo’s pitch line is simple but inspiring: If you want to create a business and life you love living, contact her right away. The self-made millionaire entrepreneur has created a multi-million dollar business our of her unique strategy toward life.

Even now, Forleo contributes a massive amount of free content to subscribers and the general public, incorporating audio versions of mini-trailing sessions which you can access directly on her website. She also sends out newsletters that are packed with great information and answers to viewers questions and comments.

On top of all that, Forleo operates her own independent web-show called MarieTV. She uses this platform to speak with other famous business people and intellectuals who have something to offer in the “personal development industry.”

But the majority of her income comes form her online business programs. At present, she is said to be worth around $15 Million dollars. Not bad for starting a business on your own from scratch.

Anastasia Soare’s, Anastasia Beverly Hills

If you take a great interest in make-up tutorial videos you have probably heard about Anastasia Soare. Founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills or ABH, the make-up tycoon launched her solo-entrepreneurial vision long before social media became the mega marketing platform that you experience today.

Today however, Soare’s brand is the second most followed beauty-related account on the Instagram network. And get this: she is said to manage the account on her own.

Originally born in Romania, Soare’s genius for business is said to come in part from her formal education in art and architecture combined with instinctual business/financial skills. Her artistic goal however, was to produce masterpieces on women’s faces.

Having begun her professional career back in the 1980s all on her own, today she is worth around $1.2 Billion, or so states Forbes Magazine.

Andrew Carnegie’s steel empire

Said to be both an industrialist and every bit the rugged self-made man, Andrew Carnegie began from absolutely nothing and ended up constructing an empire of steel. Originally born in Scotland to a working class family, he witnessed his father lose everything he ever worked for. A traumatic situation for a boy and one that stuck with the future tycoon forever.

His family then managed to emigrate to the United States. He was too poor to attend a formal school so he read everything he could get his hands on and became self-taught. He eventually went to work as a telegrapher and found employment with a few different companies.

Then came the Gilded Age which was said to be an economic boom for America’s railroads. Carnegie was quick to see that steel was the crucial component to the construction of railroads. He worked hard to create a monopoly on production of steel in the U.S. and by 1901, he’d become one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Today the Carnegie estate is said to be worth upwards of $310 Billion.

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