5 wonderful resources for teachers using PDFs

Digitalization has become an integral part of our lives, and the tendency is moving toward total integration to the digital world. Education is one area where digitalization could be beneficial and practical. Teachers and students struggle to cope with enormous amounts of books, getting lost in the paper world and are often exhausted from the process of researching materials. It requires a high level of concentration and great stamina. The amount of information is growing and processing it requires even more time and additional resources. It’s not a secret that most kids get distracted by electronics during class due to low attention spans. So instead of fighting against electronics, why not use them as a tool?

Pdfs has become one of the best solutions for digitizing information.

Here you can find 5 of the best resources to whom it may concern letter.

Soda PDF

The method of using this resource is based on utilizing a pdf editor as a tool. The platform has an essential pdf-library so all students can have access from any device. Teachers can also give access to view materials, underline, outline and leave comments in pdfs.  It’s very convenient to save large amounts of information in storage, such as a dropbox or google drive. In case modification is needed, it is easy to edit online without needing to download by using an online pdf editor.

You can even read the pdf as if it were a paper book by using the 3D view function and turning the pages as if they were real. Another vital function which can be used to structuralize all the materials and will help in memorizing outcoming sources is the  bookmark feature. You can print necessary pages and save them to your folder. The app allows you to work on two documents at the same time by synchronizing work of the two documents simultaneously.


The interface of this app allows you to choose which device you want to work from and will adapt accordingly. The goal of the platform is to enrich the study experience and shorten certain processes, such as adaptation of e-material based on emerging technologies and innovative techniques. The target audiences of this program are state schools and private, independent institutions. Experience with a wide range of educational settings and grade levels enables this program to prepare and adapt any materials based on need. It is suitable for any grade, from kindergarten to high school. It has a wide range of pdf tools that help you to accomplish any task, from creating pdf templates ,to media educational programs with webinars and workshops for teachers in order to develop e-educational leverage. There’s also a vast collection of archive materials: rare footage, pictures, scanned files, which will help you create alternative interactive tasks. Pdf form templates allow you to create study tasks for materials, like tests, quizzes and questionnaires in game form.

Educators technology

Is considered a powerful web tool for education, for both students and teachers. This resource helps you manage multiple tasks, such as editing, creating, or modifying simple pdf form templates,  merging several documents into one output PDF document, splitting or deleting pages individually, converting PDFs to different formats, compressing and reducing the size of your PDFs, and more. However this resource is a platform and doesn’t cover all school subjects. The platform was created by teachers for teachers. It only contains checked resources with a direct relevance to the educational community. While scrolling through the “Categories” chapter, you can find various  teaching materials and links to other external resources, such as PDF editor tools and e-libraries. In short, it has everything to enrich boring classes and make them more creative. 


An effective platform that contains multiple digital tools such as free pdf templates, which enables making assignments such as  posters, cards, comics, journals etc with designer tools. It also boasts a simple template constructor where teachers can find  multiple templates for any lesson, which proves useful for those who need a whom it may concern template or a graduation template. There are plenty of forms available online which can be edited, redesigned or modified with the help of a multitool PDF editor. One of the reliable and handy examples is Lumin PDF. This platform also provides additional information which is useful for teachers, such as tips and examples of successful pdf lessons used in online education.


This program is an online service, suitable for teachers and students. It provides all possible pdf documents, which are necessary for studying, such as a calendar template, spreadsheets, worksheets, games, including  multimedia material for any subject (mostly for primary school students). One of the biggest advantages of this program is that it has a basic package of assignments for kids.It also collaborates with digital tools, like pdf editors, which allows modifying any template if needed.

In conclusion, we recommend combining techniques and being creative as possible, using platforms and adapting e-materials. There are multiple e-tools you can find online, but if you prefer to only use one, Lumin PDF can handle any pdf editorial task, and has multiple templates to use in your educational programs (to whom it may concern letter, scholarship thank you letter, high school/college student resume) etc.