These 6 tips will make your cloud migration a success

If you are thinking about the cloud migration, congratulations! You have paved your way into the robust scalability and speed for your business growth. But as we know, moving from on-premise to the cloud platform is not a simple project. there are a lot of things to check to avoid the failures. Reaching Erbis software engineering company to help you with the cloud migration can be a great first step to actualize your cloud migration.

But here are the things which you can consider to make your cloud migration a success.

How the cloud can handle your company’s needs

When you are looking for the cloud migration solutions, there is no one-size-fits-for-all. Not to mention that there are many companies who just proclaim themselves as the best in the field. but Erbis company is different. Erbis software engineering company has decades of experience in engineering, and over a decade in the cloud migration.

Before starting your cloud migration, you want to make sure that your cloud migration provider is able to provide the best solutions to transfer your data and apps. Erbis will make sure that the servers are ready with the good hardware specs so that the migration will be smooth. Erbis professionals will be the best companion to discuss your specific needs with the cloud migration. Erbis also has the responsibility to share the knowledge with your IT staff so that they will know the hardware specifications which are prevalent to conduct the cloud migration process. It is something which you might rarely see in other cloud migration services.

Do your checklist

As mentioned before, cloud migration is a complex process. There are many things which are related to the cloud migration that you need to cross-check. The good thing to work the cloud migration with Erbis is that you will be able to work on the checklist together in the pre-migration, during migration, as well as pasca migration. How can you tell if the entire migration is a success? If not, how can you solve the problem? For many businesses, this checklist thing is an intimidating aspect. But you can have peace of mind when relying on Erbis company. You will be able to work on different scenarios and confirm the successful cloud migration process with confidence.

Speaking of the checklist, it could be in your private agenda, or sharing it with your trustworthy person. Sometimes, you could also cross-check the checklist with the Erbis professionals. These professionals will help you out in prioritizing the data or apps to get transferred. They can be your best companion to handle this task.

Security of cloud migration

Obviously, security is paramount. On-premise hardware contains a lot of sensitive information and data of your company. Therefore, to move to the cloud, Erbis software engineering company emphasizes the importance of secure cloud migration. It is important for all of the business elements to consider this aspect to prevent any mishaps from happening.

In this case, Erbis professionals will secure and encrypt the connection so that there will be no third parties who are able to intercept the data transfer. It is what makes Erbis different from other cloud migration services. Erbis always prioritize security over other things. So, you won’t need to worry about the attempt of interception of your information when conducting the cloud migration.

A good plan is the success key

To make your cloud migration successful, you will need to work on the good cloud migration plan. A good plan should be realistic. In this case, Erbis company will help you to outline the order of the events. The realistic timeline could take sooner or later, depending on the size of the migration, and the necessity in your organization.

With the realistic timeline, this information will help all of the elements in your organization including the stakeholders and leaders to comprehend the progress of the cloud migration. If you have ever questioned about someone who ever used the cloud migration service, their answer will be pretty much the same. The biggest challenge here is to streamline the timeline with the stakeholders. As long as you are able to maintain the flow of the information, the uppers will likely give you a go to proceed.

Using the right tools to migrate

The tools and utilities choices can be the great factor to contribute to the result of your cloud migration.well, you don’t need to research the tools all by yourself. Let Erbis software engineering company help you out from the beginning to the end.

There are many tools and utilities offered to you to move to the cloud. Researching them one by one would be a waste of time while you need to preserve your valuable time for your business. In this case, Erbis team will help you out to pick the right tools and utilities to support you to migrate data between different platforms. They will do the assessment on the tools for you. Rather than looking at the haystack, Erbis professionals will help you find the tool designed for your exact preferences and needs.

Erbis always checks for the new developments so that they can cater to your specific needs. The migration could take weeks to months, or even years to finish. By that time, the tools they picked for you will work well.

Consider the transferable apps

If your current apps are transferable to the platforms, then it will be great.some apps might already exist in your target platform. Erbis will help you to find out these platforms compatibility and quickly screen the apps or software which can be transferred firstly.

In most cases, the adaptable or compatible apps are coming as the first batches. you can apply to this step earlier to speed up your cloud migration process.


Switching from on-premise to the cloud platform can be hectic, stressful, and complicated. But you will always have the choice to let the professionals handle this.

Photograph by Unsplash