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Apps vs mobile web: How to find the best gaming deals and promotions

The smartphone gaming market is highly competitive with firms based around the world all competing for you to play on their platforms, which means there are some great offers available to those who shop around.

Whether you are looking for games that a free to play, or those with a little more monetary incentive, there are a wealth of options available to you both through the app stores and on the open web. But the real question is – where can you find the best offers?

Android vs iOS

Whilst Apple may have launched the original smartphone with the iPhone, it is Google’s Android ecosystem that now dominates the market with over 85 percent of phones sold so far in 2018 compared to iOS’ 14 percent, according to Statista. This means that not only to developers and gaming firms have more people to target with their Android apps, but Google’s slightly more permissive policies when it comes to gambling when compared to Apple means the choice on the Play Store far outstrips that on the App Store and that means better deals.

But what about the mobile web?

Android may beat out iOS when it comes to the variety of gaming apps on offer, but the web offers many many more options than both combined for those looking to play everything from bingo to casino games.

The open web offers operators a way to target both desktop/laptop users and smartphone users with responsive websites that look great across all screen sizes, and gives them far more flexibility than with native apps. More importantly, by offering their games on the open web they do not need to pay Apple or Google their commission on each in-game purchase, which is as much as 30% – and that means there is more money available to entice new players like you with introductory offers.

Through their websites, household name firms like William Hill can attract players by relying on their brand-recognition for piece of mind and with enticing offers of free bets and bonuses, which far outstrip the offers companies can pledge through their native apps.

It is always worth shopping around on comparison sites to find the best deals, with each firm offering new deals seemingly every week, but you can be certain that the best deals are through the operators’ own websites rather than with apps available through the app stores.

Photograph by JESHOOTS