Hi-tech door lock for your home – Choosing the Kwikset Kevo

A lot of people are experiencing the unpleasant situations, caused by locking a key in the house, by forgetting to lock the door, etc. Such inadvertencies happen very often and they are wasting people’s precious time and money. However, with smart locks, it is possible to avoid some incidents.

Nowadays, there are different electronic door locks on the market. With such hi-tech locks, you get an alert so that you can secure it even if you are away from your house. One of the benefits of smart locks is that they can detect your presence automatically and open your front door. Another significant feature is that you can generate temporary passwords instead of lending your keys to other people.

One of the best smart locks nowadays, is a Kwikset Kevo, which uses both Bluetooth and Radio Frequency Identification technology. It is one of the easiest hi-tech locks to use. You can unlock your door via your smartphone or a Kevo keyfob. This lock was one of the first smart deadbolts in the industry. One of the main features of the Kevo lock is, that it doesn’t require an Internet access. Furthermore, most other solutions require a smartphone app, whilst the Kwikset Kevo requires just a simple tap to be unlocked.

Despite its convenience and many good features, the Kevo lock might also become damaged or malfunctioning. Faulty locks, even if they are smart ones, can lead to lockout situations or even worse, they can be opened easily by criminals. So, if you notice that your hi-tech lock has any problem, it’s highly recommended to get a help of a professional emergency locksmith, who can diagnose the problem on the spot and will suggest you the best ways out of the situation. A qualified security expert will help you quickly in case of a lockout, without any damage to your house door or lock itself.

Besides the above-mentioned features, using the Kevo lock is convenient because of its integration with the Nest Learning Thermostat, that provides remote control and automation of the cooling and heating systems in your house.

Photograph by KaboomPics