Team-TouchDROID Dual Boots Android On TouchPad (But No Touchscreen Yet)

HP TouchPad Android

After thousands of people grabbed an HP TouchPad for a bargain basement price over the last couple of weeks, the race has been on to get Android running on the dual-core tablet – and Team-TouchDROID have made a good start. They have managed to get Android booting, but still haven’t figured out a way to enable the touchscreen, making Android obviously unusable for the time being – but you have to start somewhere, and even this much of a prt is an impressive feat.

A few TouchPad’s were apparently sold already running Android thanks to some robot happy HP devs, with one such lucky customer making the ROM dump available on RootzWiki which should help the developers along the way – but we’re still a pretty long way off getting Gingerbread (2.3.5) going on these devices, let alone Honeycomb (3.0).

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